Cryptocurrency Exchanges

A list of my go-to exchanges for buying/selling/trading/exchanging/investing crypto.

As with wallets, there are many crypto exchanges available and they all offer different interest/staking rates for different currencies as well as supporting different countries/regions.  Once again, it is beneficial to make use of a variety of exchanges, as you may find special deals on certain coins/tokens.

My new very most favorite way to buy crypto

Uphold is my go-to exchange service for moving funds in and out of my bank account with a debit card.  Yes, it does require KYC verification, but I'm okay with that.  Uphold purchases with a debit/credit card are instantly cleared for all transactions including external withdrawals.  Bank transfers can be traded internally on Uphold instantly, but must hold for 65 days before withdrawal to external sources.  There are 0 commission fees on trades, deposits and withdrawals.  Best of all, Uphold features the ability to almost instantly perform "anything-to-anything" trades.  No more fixed trade pairs and tons of transactions to get "this" crypto changed into "that" one.  If Uphold supports it, you can change it into anything else they support with a single trade in seconds.  This gives Uphold users a unique advantage which allows them to be highly competitive in a volatile market where every second counts.

Simple exchange with no registration

I may have found my new favorite exchange.  Not only do they have a referral program (yay), but there is no need to register an account in order to buy or convert crypto.  That makes life a lot easier for those of us who don't like the idea of handing out driver's licenses and social security numbers.  For now, this is my number one recommended exchange, pending further investigation.

Coinbase (Proven Passive Stamped)

Popular US-based exchange that offers new users free crypto just to learn about it

Almost every crypto enthusiast has at least heard of Coinbase.  They may not support as many types of crypto as other exchanges, but they do offer new users rewards for watching videos and answering questions about some types and they have a referral program.  Coinbase has a very user-friendly interface designed for beginners, so it's a good place to start and earn a few dollars for free. In fact, if you follow these links, you and I can both earn for free:

Exchange supporting lots of crypto, with many high-yield low-risk investment plans.

Hotbit very quickly became my favorite exchange for its investment plans.  Nearly every coin or token I've heard of is supported, exchanges are fast and easy, but the investment plans are where the money is to be made.

US based alternative to Coinbase

Binance is another good exchange for US-based users and offers a referral program that pays you a percentage of your referrals' transaction fees, 20% normally and 40% if you hold 500 or more BNB on Binance.  The link above is my referral link, now fully disclosed according to the referral rules.

Mobile exchange with physical card and many rebate offers

Probably my favorite thing about is that their Metal Card offers 100% rebates on Netflix and Spotify up to $12.99/mo each.  However, you must buy and hold 500 MCO (currently $2,445.87 USD) for 180 days to qualify for the card.  The good news is will also pay you 6% APY on your MCO, credited every 7 days, so there is some growth of your investment (assuming MCO doesn't drop too much).  If you're like me and Netflix is a part of everyday life, that MCO holding will pay for itself.

Use referral code xmwvddqxg5 and when you stake 50 MCO you will get another $50 in MCO free.

TRON-powered exchange for fast, secure trading

NoleX offers a very community-driven trading platform with a lot of very interesting features.  In order to sign up, you must have the TRONLINK extension installed on your browser and have a wallet account there.  This is quick and easy to do.  I'm still exploring this exchange, but for now I think the most notable features include the ability for users to create faucets and pay a one-time fee of 3000 TRX to become a VIP member which includes enough benefits that I'm probably going to do it myself very soon.

Wire/ACH deposits for USD direct from my bank!?  No more "fraud prevention" canceled debit/credit purchases!?  YAAAAAAASSSS!!!

I don't know about you, but there are few things I hate more than my bank flagging every credit or debit card purchase of crypto I try to make so my crooked government can spy on my transactions and track my money.  Enter!  Now, my crooked government is still going to do the things I said, but at least I don't have to deal with "fraud protection" services stopping my crypto purchase until I call my bank and curse them with colorful and creative profanities for twenty straight minutes.

Exchange that offers referral bonuses plus rewards for holding their token.

I really messed up when I signed up for this account, so it took me until the time of this listing to get back into it because I somehow managed to have three saved passwords.  Terrible mess.  Anyway, that's sorted out now and I'm back in on PC and mobile, so I'll play with this one a bit and update this listing with more information later.  I will say this, KuCoin brags that it represents something like 80% of all crypto trades worldwide.

07/10/2020 New exchange offering 100 of its FOX token to new users!

Each FOX token you hold on Shapeshift allows for $10 worth of trades per month with no fees.  Yeah, they're giving away $1000 per month in fee-free trading to new members.  The more you trade on Shapeshift, the more FOX tokens you earn.  The exchange is still in beta, but I like what they're doing and I see myself using this a lot as I dig deeper into the crypto investing world.

Interest-yielding crypto exchange and wallet

 is right up there with Nexo in terms of reliable passive income through APY on holdings.  If you use this link to register, you'll get $20 in Bitcoin free after depositing $100 in any combination of crypto.  Also like Nexo, you can apply for a fiat loan using your crypto assets as collateral.  While I don't normally recommend loans or credit lines of any kind (because it is literally throwing away money), in case of emergency this may prove to be a useful short-term solution.