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Here is a list of my favorite wallets available on PC and mobile, as well as cold wallets.  Be careful when using online wallets, as some are scam copies of legitimate wallets.  Only download from trusted sources.

You might be wondering why I would make a list of multiple crypto wallets instead of just picking one favorite.  The answer is that different wallets offer different stakes and interest on different coins/tokens.  They also frequently offer various unique benefits other than potential profit, so as with all investing, it pays to spread your assets and not put all your eggs in one basket.

SecuX W10

Cold Wallet with touchscreen.  Inexpensive.

I just got one of these and, other than not supporting Bluetooth as the listing claimed, I have to say I like it.  This is where my CryptoTab Browser deposits go now.  It supports a lot of different cryptocurrencies including most ERC-20 crypto (or so the manufacturer claims, I haven't tried any yet, only had it a day so far 07/05/2020).  Make sure you don't misplace the MicroUSB cable that comes with it, as I have tried to use it on my PC with another cord and it wouldn't work.

Atomic Wallet

User-friendly wallet supporting a large number of coins/tokens

Atomic was the first wallet I started using and I still send some of my mined profit to it.  On Atomic, sneding and exchanging crypto is powered by Ethereum (ETH), so you'll need to keep a small amount in your wallet.  Most transactions cost less than $0.05USD.  In addition to supporting a long list of currencies, Atomic also allows staking in ATOM, XTZ, TRX, ONT - ONG, NEO - GAS, KMD, ALGO, and VET - VTHO, as well as providing airdrops to your wallet in BTT and WINK just for holding 100 or more TRX (staking TRX still counts as holding it).

Supports several coins/tokens with interest and dividends plus a credit line

Nexo is one of my favorite wallets because it not only boasts high level security features, but also allows users to earn 8% APY on several stablecoins just for holding them AND pays 30% of its profits in loyalty dividends to users who hold NEXO tokens.  As if this weren't good enough, Nexo offers users a line of credit based on the amount of assets held in their accounts at some of the lowest APRs in the industry, just 5.9% for NEXO holders and 11.99% for everyone else.  This makes it very easy for new, inexperienced crypto investors to save, invest and earn without having to spend large sums or risk huge losses, as Nexo protects and insures all user accounts up to US$100 million.  Nexo also offers an actual, physical card to allow users to spend from their crypto credit line almost anywhere in the world, though there is currently a waiting list to receive a card.

Update: As of 06/25/2020, Nexo supports 5% APY compounded daily on BTC and ETH held.  This is in addition to the 5-10% on all other supported crypto and a new potential for NEXO that I still need to learn more about.  Hurray for asset diversification!!

07/05/2020: There is a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.001 for BTC.  This is new and I don't really like it, but I suppose it's not uncommon and they still don't charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals.

PHT Wallet

Specifically for Phoneum (PHT), this wallet connects to several mobile games in which users can earn.

PHT Wallet only supports two currencies, Phoneum and Ethereum.  PHT is a relatively new token designed specially for mobile users to facilitate gaming transactions easily and securely.  PHT can be traded on Probit Exchange and/or earned through several free mobile games such as Crypto Treasures and Crypto Planet, both of which also reward many other popular crypto types. 

You will need to keep a small amount of ETH in this wallet to fuel PHT withdrawals.

Trust Wallet

Lots of supported crypto with a few staking options

A fair companion for Atomic and Nexo.  It is not only important to diversify what you hold, but also where you hold it.  Different wallet/exchanges offer different staking and interest rates on different crypto.

Effective solution for collecting small amounts of crypto from free faucets

You may or may not have noticed by now, but many crypto wallets and exchanges charge transaction fees and/or have minimum deposit amounts, which can be a problem if you are a free crypto earner as most methods for doing this pay out in very small amounts.  Maybe, like me, you made a withdrawal not knowing this in advance, only to see your hard won crypto simply disappear because you did not meet the minimum deposit requirement for your chosen wallet/exchange.  Enter Faucetpay.  This option supports several popular currencies and allows for small deposits.  Like so many listings on this site, Faucetpay also offers a referral rewards program, so it pays to share this with all your free-earner friends.  Faucetpay also doesn't require complicated account verification involving frightening amounts of personal information to be divulged, like some of the bigger US-based exchanges.

OP_RETURN-capable wallet, which you will need to make full use of the ChainX dapp.

MathWallet went crazy with gas fees twice as high as the amount being sent at the lowest end of the adjustable slider so I switched to Bitpie.  The adjustable fees are a LOT more adjustable (though I can't recommend ever setting a fee at 1 sat/b, you'll never get confirmed that way).  Bitpie also supports OP_RETURN, so this is probably going to be my new ChainX funding wallet unless something goes crazy here, too.


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