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Lots of people play games on their phones, so why not try earning a little extra scratch while you play?  Not all of these are games, though.

Here I will list any apps or games that I find that promise cash/giftcard payouts that I have successfully redeemed from or at least have not yet proven to be fake wastes of time.  I recommend only putting time into verified apps or games, but I'm not the boss of you.  If you prove an unverified resource real or fake, let me know by email or in the proper forum.  Please include a screenshot of your proof, but do not send or post anything containing sensitive personal data without first obscuring or removing said data.

Get paid to install and run games, regardless of whether you ever actually "play" them.

After no small amount of anxious waiting, Cash Alarm is back up and crediting coins again as of 28 August 2020.  A few changes have been made to the program: namely, the reward coins per cycle have been lowered by about half.  However, even with this reward nerf, I was able to earn over 20,000 coins in my sleep by letting Farmville Tropic Escape run.  The system that they use to track referrals, and consequently my referral link, has changed.  The best feature of Cash Alarm remains unchanged: referred users still earn 25% of the coins earned by the person who referred them and vice versa.  So, go ahead and click the link above to install Cash Alarm and get back to making free money from your phone while you work, play, eat, sleep, shower and anything else you do besides actually using your phone.

Bitcoin Blast

Ad-supported matching game on the Play Store

You won't exactly be rolling in BTC by playing this game, but you can earn a few extra satoshi.  You get coins whether you win or lose a stage and must watch an ad to advance or retry.

Crypto Treasures/Planet/Connect

Family of crypto games on Play Store

These games allow users to earn Phoneum Tokens (PHT), along with several other popular cryptos.  Not quickly, mind you, but free is free.

Earn money by letting the app run on your PC or Android

So, from what I can tell, Honeygain is basically content delivery software that operates like any other personalized ad delivery software except that it allows advetisers and "data scientists" to utilize any unused portion of your internet connection, like CryptoTab Browser uses spare processing power on your device.  Run the program, leave it in the background and get paid.  Pretty simple stuff.

BTC Faucet with hourly and daily free earning methods

Cointiply has a lot of ways for you to earn hourly and daily, most of which are totally free.  Once you reach 35,000 coins, you begin to accrue 5% APY for holding them on Cointiply.

Survey platform that also shares dividends with you when selling your profile info.

Nearly every website you visit stores and eventually sells data about you to third parties (but not mine ;D, I don't even know how to do that if I wanted to).  Killi is at least up front about it and will share with you a portion of the profit they make from doing so, in addition to allowing you to earn in the traditional fashion through surveys.  Not a bad platform if you have a secondary or tertiary email account that you don't mind having filled with spam.

Nano faucet with paid videos, surveys and tasks across dozens of social media platforms to maximize earning potential.

I just discovered this one but it seems legit.  Since it is impossible to pay anything into it, you have nothing to lose by trying it out.  If you have accounts on Google, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc. there are plenty of opportunities here.

App by Bitcoin Aliens, developers of quality "get free crypto" apps and games

This is easily my favorite listing on this page because of my good buddy AdJoe.  See, Free Litecoin allows you to roll hourly for very small amounts of litoshi, with bonus grabs every four hours or so and that's all nice, but we don't want to have to come back to an app every hour for pennies a week, do we?  No, we don't.  Fortunately, AdJoe is there to save the day for us.  You see, ol' Joe pays us litoshi to install and play games but, unlike many offerwalls, he doesn't care HOW we play, just how long.  So, if you install and open a game from AdJoe's wall, he'll pay you litoshi just for leaving the game open.  This is best done at bedtime when you can install a game, open it, plug in your phone and go to sleep.  I am able to make about $3-$5 in LTC per week with this method and that's the lower end of the possible earnings.  Now and then, AdJoe offers will pay 2x for a while as well.

Got unlimited texting like nearly every person in the free world?  Then this is for you.

This app allows third parties to basically ping SMS through your phone.  You choose the price in Euro that you get paid per SMS sent this way and which countries you send messages to.  You can limit the number of SMS sent by the hour, day, week or month, or leave them unlimited.  Check with your service provider to see if you have international texting and what each message is going to cost before enabling it in the app, otherwise you could end up losing a lot more than you make here.  I live in the US and have service through Straight Talk, so I only have countries with a +1 country code activated.  SimCash, bless them, will send you daily emails showing your activity in the app.  Withdrawals can be made to PayPal, Bitcoin, Ripple or your bank with varying transaction fees (Ripple is free).

Get paid to watch YouTube videos.  Sounds like a win.

I can't say much else about this except that I just started testing it which is why I can't say much about it.  I'll update this in a day or two.

Get paid to listen to music you actually enjoy!

Current is unlike any music streaming app I've ever heard of.  There are almost no ads to deal with, they play well known music in a wide range of genres and, most importantly, you get PAID per just to listen.  All you have to do is check in every once in a while and skip an ad after 5 seconds to keep the earning active.  Current also rewards users for cashing in their points with Bonus Bucks.  More Bonus Bucks means faster earning, up to 50% according to the app.  It also seems that, not only can you use your points for BB, but anything you redeem points for also gives you BB.  I've been listening to the "Classic Heavy Metal" station for about 36 hours straight and I have yet to hear I song I don't like.

BCH cloud mining app by Eunoiapp

This app claims to use server-dependent mining to let you get some BCH without burning out your phone's CPU or killing the battery.  It's free, so I figured it's worth as much of a shot as anything.  When you download, click the dialogue box and type "validatereferral" without quotes.  After that, it will ask you for a referral ID number, so enter "4663" without quotes.

Geomining app with home bonus, geoclaim and more

COIN has a lot of potential, whether you stay at home all day, travel constantly or anything in between.  Users "geomine" COIN tokens and can exchange them for a variety of prizes including Bitcoin.  If you're a homebody, COIN provides progressive percentage bonuses for time spent mining in your home base without leaving.  If you move around a lot, set "Auto Collect" on and get COIN every time you move into a new square on the map.  Either way, you can earn just by letting the app know your location.  There are also bonuses for "witnessing" big geomining rewards if you are one of the first 200 to tap it.  You can also get into "geoclaim" contests with other users in your area, spending COIN to vie for ownership of that region.  Every time someone mines in your region, 10% of that reward is given to someone in the region, randomly chosen based on percentage of ownership.

Tap to earn Midoin and exchange it for Bitcoin, Euro, USD and other prizes in a no-KYC peer-to-peer trading app.

Midoin is pretty straightforward.  If you've ever played a clicker game like Tap Titans, then you know how to use Midoin.  Tap the circle, earn Midoin based on number of taps per cycle, exchange Midoin for rewards or trade it with other users for cash or crypto.  While Midoin does know if you have developer options enabled and will not run if you do, it does not detect non-root autoclickers.  Use the link above and, when asked, use invite code "strike8echo" to get 5x earnings permanently.


Time tested and proven platform to earn rewards for playing mobile games.

Mistplay gets a lot of ad time, but that's because it's a long-standing legitimate way to earn cash for the games you play.  If you're like me, it'll add up very quickly.


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