Low-Cost Investing

Here is a list of investing options that allow you to put in small amounts at a time, minimizing the risk of loss until you feel sure about the investment. 

I am an active user of each item on this list (yes, I know there is only one right now) and will update each listing as I confirm its legitimacy and earning potential.  Unlike the crypto-earning list, no questionable resources will be posted here.  Any time real money is involved, I will be the test dummy.  If an organization turns out to be the real deal, I'll put them on the list.  If you find anything that you'd like me to look into, please go to the Contact page and email me the link or post said link under "Investigations" on the Forum page.

Peer-to-peer, crowdfunded lending service in which users can invest

Worthy offers users the opportunity to purchase "Worthy Bonds" for $10 each.  These bonds are used by Worthy to fund their lending program, which caters to small business borrowers who don't qualify for normal loans.  Bonds accrue a fixed 5% APY, credited daily.  As with any investment, Worthy Bonds do come with a risk of loss.  More information about how the entire process works can be found on their site.  My favorite thing about this program is "Roundups."  Roundups allow users to link a bank account, which Worthy monitors.  Each time a transaction is made from that account, Worthy rounds the amount to the next whole dollar and holds the rounded up capital.  When that capital reaches $10, it is used automatically to purchase a bond.  So, with Roundups, you can invest without even thinking about it.  Just remember when you are making purchases to account for the roundups.

Low dollar investing platform with $5 free in chosen stock on signup.

This one is new for me, but I'll put it on here because not everyone is interested in crypto the way I am.  Public is an app for trading in the regular stock market.  I don't know much more about it except that they give you $5 in free stock for signing up and have a referral program.


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