Big Site Overhaul Coming Soon

I'm aware of the bare bones look of the site as it is now, as well as the organizational issues with the listings. Developing this website takes more time and effort than I anticipated when I started it, which is saying something. Add to that the associated FaceBook page, YouTube channel, SCARS account (which I am going to stop posting updates for until people actually start donating) and Publish0x blog and you have a very heavy workload for one person.

I've been focused lately on the Publish0x blog because that's where I have experienced the most success generating traffic here. The people I know on FaceBook are generally disinclined toward cryptocurrencies and that is what I spend most of my time finding ways to earn. I rarely have time to make new videos for YouTube (which is why the channel only has one so far) because my house is full of loud, rambunctious children who require constant supervision and I don't have a dedicated office space.

Eventually, I will get to everything, I promise. I'm hoping to get a new video uploaded today that isn't quite as boring as the first one. My video editing skills currently leave something to be desired but I'm learning as I go. The FaceBook page is last on my list of priorities right now and is probably going to be used mostly as a sharing platform for the YouTube channel unless and until I gather a decent following.

There is, of course, also the fact that I am still scouring the web all hours of the day and night looking for new earning opportunities to test and share. This is the work that consumes the lion's share of my time and energy. Sifting through the scams and dead ends is a tedious process, so I appreciate your continued patience as I navigate the perilous waters of online moneymaking.

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