Contributor Contest!!

In order to drive traffic to the website, I have decided to start a contest that will go from now until the end of July.  In order to participate, users must create an account on here (this is free) and donate to the website's PayPal account.  The top 5 donors will each receive 10% of the total balance of the account as of July 31st, to be paid out the following day.  The other 50% will be distributed between maintaining and upgrading the website, investigating passive income opportunities, and financing a compensation fund for users who have been victims of online scams (half to maintenance/investigations and half to compensations).

To prove to you that I am not one of these scams, your first donation will be returned to you 100% within 24 hours and will not count toward your total contribution for the purpose of the contest.  I will post weekly screenshots of the PayPal account's activity in full so that everyone can see exactly where the money is going and that I am not taking it for myself.  If I steal from you, feel free to report me to the sheriff's department in Doniphan, Missouri.  My name is Jordan Carmack and the cops know where I live because it's a really small town (population 1,996).

If this contest performs well and generates enough traffic, I will probably make it a permanent monthly event.  Again, in order to be eligible for the contest you must sign up on the website and make two donations (because you get the first one back).  You don't have to worry about me spamming your inbox, either.  The only automated emails are notifications when I publish a new post to the blog on the home page.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to give this post your attention and I hope to see you on the site soon!

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