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I am so committed to convincing you visitors that is in no way intended to rob, cheat or defraud you that I am now offering a money-back guarantee up to $100 on any investment opportunity listing which I mark "Proven Passive Stamped" (you will see those exact words in the listing title in parentheses) that ends up being proven a scam, even if the compensation fund is empty and I have to pay you out of my own pocket. All you have to do is send me proof of a payment or withdrawal request that has not been fulfilled within one week, along with proof of your invested capital and a PayPal or crypto wallet address to which I can deposit reimbursement. I want this site to be a valued and trusted resource in the crypto and investing communities and I will do whatever it takes to make that happen, even if it means I end up at a net financial loss myself. I am confident that my research and investigations will pay off well enough that I can eat this loss, as I do not expect it to happen often. This service costs nothing, does not require membership (which is still free), and does not expire.


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Time to catch up on site updates

I've been seriously distracted lately, but a major Proven Passive update is long overdue. Today, I'll be working on the following things: Site-wide overhaul from WIX API to Editor Sorting and adding


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