Progress Report 06/14/2020 1:06 AM

Investing is a slow, careful process if you do it correctly. Because of that fact, finding and proving opportunities for this website takes a lot of time. I know the list is small and so far I only have two methods proven on the verifications page, but bear with me. I am just waiting on funds to clear on Hotbit so I can screenshot that and post proof, then I'll be up to a whopping THREE proofs! Woohoo!! If you don't feel like waiting around for me to verify something, Trustpilot is a fairly reliable method for checking out whether a business is legitimate. Also, remember that you can post investigation requests in the appropriate forum and I will check them out for you, free of charge. Finally, please remember that, while this site is and always will be free for you to use, it is not free for me to maintain. Signing up using the links I provide helps me out, costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time and gets you started making some passive income. The donation page is linked to a PayPal account that I use exclusively to maintain this site and investigate new opportunities: any funds donated will be used for that purpose and any accounts made using funds from that PayPal will pay back into it, so I do not profit directly from donations other than not having to come out of pocket as much to run this site.


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Time to catch up on site updates

I've been seriously distracted lately, but a major Proven Passive update is long overdue. Today, I'll be working on the following things: Site-wide overhaul from WIX API to Editor Sorting and adding


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