Ready to Get Back to Business with a New Project!

Over the last month, I have been fighting with my behavioral health providers at the VA hospital to send my prescription to me. Well, they never did. Instead, I was required to drive 72 miles round-trip in order to submit to labs because my medicine happens to be a Schedule II controlled substance and they want to make sure I'm not using any other narcotics with it that they do not know about, despite the fact that I have not had a positive drug screen for anything other than my prescribed medication since I became a patient there almost six years ago. Anyway, I finally got my meds back and now I can concentrate on more important things like helping you wonderful people find ways to earn from home.

Recently, I have been searching extensively for a simple but inclusive portfolio app or program through which one can monitor all of one's cryptocurrency holdings, across all wallets and exchanges, in one convenient interface. So far, my search has returned exactly squat. So, it is with great pleasure that I announce my that newest project is to create such an application. I will begin by creating an Android app, but eventually the plan is to provide support on all known PC/mobile operating systems.

The project, upon completion, will be offered completely free of charge and will not require the submission of any sensitive personal data. All information provided to the portfolio will be stored locally on the user's device and, if possible, encrypted for additional security. The portfolio will not support storage of assets or any management of the assets being monitored. The goal is to provide users with real time price and balance updates to all of their holdings using information that is already publicly available without compromising the security of monitored addresses.

Users will also have the ability to add unlisted coins/tokens/addresses/exchanges manually as well as the option to request unsupported items to be added to the app in future updates. This is going to be an extremely tedious, time-consuming process as I will have to extensively research available currencies, exchanges and wallets, all of which are being created almost daily. This is where you, the user, can help me out. I am asking anyone who cares to assist me with this project to email me a list of every crypto, wallet and exchange you know of so that I can compile an exhaustive list to include in the initial release of the app. You may also submit your list in the forum as soon as I create the appropriate thread, which I will do today.

I hope you are as excited about this project as I am. If it is well received, I may eventually introduce a built-in wallet/exchange system and maybe even a native token, but for now let's focus on the task at hand. Start sending me those lists!

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