SCARS needs your help!!

Tomorrow, it will be time to share the next update of the SCARS account activity, but I have to tell you, there isn't much to see that wasn't there last week.

If you're here and reading this, I still need your help. Share ProvenPassive everywhere you can, but most importantly, use your mouth and tell people about it. Take out your phone and show them the site. If you end up being one of the scam victims paid back by SCARS, shout it from the rooftops. Take to YouTube with your story. Most importantly, if ProvenPassive has been in any way helpful to you, please consider donating to SCARS. I don't want your money, but the reason this site exists is to help people avoid scams and, better still, to recover from them. The only financial contributions I want from you for myself are the referral bonuses I get when you start earning money for yourself using the resources and referral links I share here.

SCARS is the result of years of asking myself, "How can I be a living demonstration of God's love and mercy," and, "How should I pay my tithe and make my offerings?" It hit me when I started really getting into cryptocurrency and began to discover for myself just how many evil people there are who use this virtual economy to rob blind the unsuspecting new crypto enthusiast. Yes, I understand that people should exercise their logic and reason to determine what is and is not a legitimate investment opportunity but, let's face it, scams have been around for a lot longer than crypto and people in general aren't getting any less desperate to increase their wealth.

The real problem arises when you consider the largely anonymous nature of crypto and that it is nearly impossible to retrieve once it has been sent. Combine that with the vastness of the internet and the inherent cleverness of the nefarious sorts of people who see fit to cheat others and what you have is the perfect platform for scams of all kinds. Once you've made a deposit of crypto to a site, that's it. Unless they voluntarily send you something in return, that crypto is just gone. Fake credentials, VPNs, proxy servers, email relays and virtual offices at physical addresses make it next to impossible to track these scammers down. So, as a community, as fellow human beings, what can we do?

For starters, we can share what we know with everyone who will listen. While I tend to be impulsive with my money sometimes, I am an extremely thorough researcher, so I figured I'd put my talents to use. I started ProvenPassive because I noticed a distinct lack of dedicated listings for SPECIFIC platforms to generate reliable passive income safely. I also noticed that, while there are many sites that offer a general set of characteristics to look for in potential scams, there are not many that attempt to compile a comprehensive list of scams out there. So, I took to the web in search of both, started this website and began making my own lists. Still, this only offers a potential solution to half of the problem. The next question is: what about the people who get scammed before they find this or another good list of resources (and there are actually a few others out there)?

This is where SCARS comes into play. A program of my own creation, the Scam Compensation and Reimbursement Services fund aims to provide online scam victims with a safety net hitherto unheard of in the investing community. Everyone who gets into any kind of investing, even just dabblers, do so with the understanding that all investing carries with it the risk of loss. That is the nature of any market economy: some products succeed and others do not. There are a vast number of ways to mitigate these risks, from asset diversification to the age old investor adage, "Never invest what you cannot afford to lose." Thing is, none of this stuff really prepares you for that moment when a system that you genuinely believe is legitimate turns out quite the opposite, disappearing with your hard earned cash/crypto never to be heard from again. In a traditional investing market, there are avenues that a victim can pursue in order to recover their lost capital when the operation turns out to be a scam, but for crypto investors there is nothing. Until now. SCARS provides new, unlearned crypto investors a measure of safety and relief by offering full compensation for losses on investments in situations where no payout is ever received or the payouts stop before the total amount of investments has been recouped.

In order to make sure that SCARS payments are only made to actual victims, proof of loss is required. If you are not already meticulously and extensively documenting every invested deposit and payout using screenshots and personal ledgers, you should start right now. To qualify for a SCARS payment, you must be able to present this evidence to me via email with all sensitive personal information obscured or omitted. By submitting evidence to support a SCARS payment request, you agree to allow me to share your evidence on ProvenPassive as a deterrent to others users who may be considering an investment in the same site or program. Because SCARS is new and currently operates on little more than my own $100 monthly contribution, processing of payment requests will take time and I do not yet have a dedicated place on the site to upload payment proofs and submitted evidence. As of the date of this post, I am running, maintaining and updating ProvenPassive on my own from my living room, so please be patient and give the site and the fund time to grow.

If you've made it this far and you're still paying attention, I thank you for your time and consideration. I'll be perfectly honest: this project of mine is a bit more tedious and difficult than I anticipated. If and when ProvenPassive grows into a well-known and respected resource, I may very well have to hire some help to keep it running smoothly. If you have any suggestions or information for the site, please email me at your earliest convenience. I welcome all feedback and criticism, as it can only help me develop my little project into the household name I still believe it can be. Thanks again for taking time out of your life to give this post some much needed attention. Stay safe out there!

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