Time to catch up on site updates

I've been seriously distracted lately, but a major Proven Passive update is long overdue. Today, I'll be working on the following things:

  1. Site-wide overhaul from WIX API to Editor

  2. Sorting and adding of list items into more specific pages

  3. Temporary shutdown of SCARS page until officially registered as a nonprofit

  4. Addition of crypto market widgets

  5. Page-by-page SEO adjustments

  6. Creation of new forum threads

  7. More visually appealing page designs

  8. "Future Projects" page

  9. Implementation of a member benefits system (membership will remain free)

  10. Integration with my Patreon page (which is currently bare bones)

I'm sure there are plenty of things I'm leaving out which will only dawn on me after I start work on this.

At the significant risk of finding myself on r/choosingbeggars, I am asking for the assistance of volunteers with any working knowledge of the following (professional or not):

  1. Web design

  2. Computer coding/language

  3. Advertising

  4. Business management

  5. US nonprofit law/regulation

  6. Any language other than English

  7. Discord server management/features

  8. Advanced math (algebra, calculus, etc)

  9. Graphic design

  10. Video editing

Full disclosure: I, as a disabled veteran on fixed income, cannot pay fees or wages at this time, nor do I know if or when I could. I'm not going to promise you payment in "exposure" (totally ridiculous) because, let's face it, I don't have anything resembling widespread social influence and exposure doesn't pay the bills. Whenever possible, I will do my best to compensate you financially, to the extent I can reasonably afford, for your time, effort and expertise, but those times would be very few and far between. Alternatively, if you could, at your leisure and discretion, act as a sounding board for some ideas I have, that would be fine, too. I completely understand if this is not acceptable: it's not greedy, nor does it make you a bad person to require payment for any goods or services provided. That's basic economics. Though I am calling for volunteers, I am also working diligently to learn how to do these things for myself, but seven of the ten items on that list are professional careers which require years of investment in education, training and experience (which is exactly why I don't blame you not wanting to offer them for free), so even the smallest bit of help would be hugely appreciated. Done begging now.

Finally, I'm sure at least some of you were watching when YFI blew the doors off Bitcoin's record price. Another project is positioning itself to fire a rocket from the same launchpad: XFI. Their presale starts in two days and, as with YFI, supplies are extremely limited. If you're interested, head to and connect a wallet like Metamask. If it performs even half as well as its predecessor, XFI could be that lucky break you've been looking for.

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