Together WE Can Make Investing Safer!

People who stay away from investing usually do so because they are afraid to lose their money on risky investments or get scammed.  Those are perfectly legitimate fears that I highly encourage.  Still, that means that a lot of people are missing chances to generate the kind of wealth of which most people only dream.  So, how can I, rather, how can WE help?  I have decided that, in addition to being used to offset the cost of maintaining the website, I will accept donations into a separate fund to be used exclusively to compensate users of my website who have been scammed, either by a listing on my site or somewhere else, if that user can prove the loss and their inability to recover it from the scammer (i.e. show me proofs of deposits made, emails sent to customer service, withdrawal requests that require payment of some kind of "fee", etc.).  Obviously, I am only one person and can't possibly afford to do this on my own, but I do promise to make monthly donations of at least $100 to the compensation fund and post proofs here.  I will also post weekly updated screenshots of all account activity for the compensation fund, just as I plan to do for the website maintenance donations if they ever start coming in. By building a better, safer, more cooperative investing community, we can put these scam artists out of business!  Users who wish to make a claim for compensation only need to agree to one thing: allow me to post your proofs on my Known Scams page so we can protect others from suffering the same losses.  Users are not required to make any donations to qualify for compensation: as I have said before and will continue to say, my site is and always will be 100% free to use.  My goal is ultimately to help people start earning more and living better and, in the process, to do so myself, but I won't take your money for my own personal benefit, ever.  What I want from you, potential user, is networking.  Every business in the world knows that the best advertising is word of mouth, so please, spread the word: is going to change the investing game and make the internet a safer place to make your money grow.

Now, I don't have this donation page set up yet.  So far, my site has only managed 71 views in the last four weeks, so I need to get the link up and generate a lot more traffic before I can institute this compensation program.  That said, I'm hoping that, within a year's time, everything will be running smoothly and maybe I can even add a few people to the management team.  Until then, stay safe out there and, if possible, email me any scams and/or legitimate opportunities you know of.  I could really use the information.

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