Save and Earn

What better way to earn passive income than by not having to spend as much in the first place?

Everyone here wants to find ways to make money, right?  Of course you do.  This site serves no other purpose.  Well, what if I told you that there are ways to earn based on how much you spend and, more importantly, how much you DON'T spend?  Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?  Yes, yes it does.  In that case, I have great news for you and I will share it on this page.  The listings below are opportunities that I have discovered which are designed to save you money while shopping online and, in some cases, even allow you to earn money doing the same.  Unlike X% cash back credit cards (possibly the most widely used scam in the world), which cost you more in APR than you'll ever earn using them, I'll be compiling lists of FREE services to save and earn cash back.  Let's get started, shall we?

Targeted at Amazon Prime subscribers, but good for everyone

Wikibuy allows members to browse Amazon with full confidence that they will find the lowest price nearly anywhere online.  They do this by not only scouring the web for any available Amazon coupons and promo codes, but also better prices from other sites.  Of course, those other sites may have slower shipping speeds, but delayed gratification is one of the keys to financial success.  Sacrifice in the "now" for the sake of a better "later."  Wikibuy also offers up to 10% cash back rewards on linked debit/credit cards in the form of Wikibuy credits.

Coupon-hunting, price-watching Chrome extension with rewards

Honey is another coupon/promo code searching browser extension for Chromium-based browsers (which include CryptoTab and Brave!) that, like the aforementioned Wikibuy, allow users to earn reward points while shopping online.  In this case, rewards come in the form of Honey Gold.  More to follow as I investigate further.