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Scam Compensation and Reimbursement Services is the only part of Proven Passive that will ever be advertised and is the only page on the site that does not benefit me in any way other than giving me the satisfaction of helping people help people.  SCARS is not registered as a nonprofit organization because it does not yet meet the criteria for registration.

---Effective immediately, all donations to SCARS will be directed to disaster relief efforts in Lebanon following the devastation in Beirut. I have been talking to an author from Lebanon on Publish0x for some time now. Thanks to her, I know this explosion is just the most recent trouble for Lebanon. Their government is a miserable failure, their central banks are entirely corrupt, they have no electricity other than gas-powered generators, there are constant shortages of food and other necessities, their economy is in total collapse... The place is a mess. I want to help any Lebanese citizen I can to get out of that hell on Earth. I am trying to coordinate with said author to develop a trustworthy chain of distributors for donations to the people and organizations that have the greatest need. These people are performing surgeries in the streets under the light of mobile phones. If you can help at all, please donate. If you can't donate, you can still spread the word!---

As I've said before, I am just one man, sitting at home running this site in my spare time.  I'm doing my best to take whatever I can learn about passive income opportunities and pass that knowledge on to you.

If you landed here from an ad, please check out the rest of the site.

I cannot operate SCARS alone.  The success or failure of this program depends on your generosity, so I have set up a PayPal account specifically for SCARS.  I have also added a second set of addresses to my cold wallet for crypto donations (to keep them separate from my personal assets).  SCARS account activities will be posted for each new deposit/withdrawal until the fund reaches $5,000USD across all accounts, at which point updates will be posted every Monday (this is when I will be checking for new cold wallet deposits).  I will never use donations for any personal expense, gain or profit.

Below are a couple of ways you can donate to the continued operation and success of Proven Passive and the SCARS Fund:



One-time and monthly donations accepted

This is definitely the easiest way to donate.  All donations will be put toward the compensation fund. Click here.

Cold Wallet

Crypto-donations also accepted.  Minimum deposits are set according to the device manufacturer, SecuXTech.

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